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Things you will learn in G-LORD Town.Edit

  • G-lord Town

    (bullshit vision) In this world you will see in bullshit vision. "get used to it" -Zero

  • Sargent Zero Squad
  • Skype Crusades
  • FourBros
  • Ungawanga Tribe
  • Seme Jacker (sport)
  • Electroma (massive Gurd )

The things I'm talking about here are bullshit so don't get your hopes up on anythings alright. We are the best army guys in the world.

So good that our world is the best world of worlds.

The Founders Of The ``World``Edit

There are 4 founders of the ``WORLD`` the first being ``Zero``. Creating the ``World`` for Zero is no challenge considering that he has lived many life times, some being Sargent Zero, Wala iki kolal, Zero TheReaper, King Zero, and TehOld Douche. With his unlimited wisdom he has engineered a world of PURE EPICNESS.

The Second Founder is Pikmin24 a skill full man at many things. With his power to create and to come up with ideas he has helped engineer the ``WORLD```, like ``ZERO`` he had lived many lives such as  PVT . Tyrone, Sunny ``the camera Man``, Captain Molester, etc. Because of this he has had many life times to think up of what will help the world.

The Third Founder is Mas with his massive temper raged with all his might and power to scare the world into existing. He is known to be a hardass by rarely listening to people and going at it ``HARD`` if threatened is not afraid to fight back, also can break mountains with his hands. he has also lived many other lives like the others some being , ``RED`` the booty hunter, JUBE JUBE, PVT. Killgore,  And White man jack.

The Fourth and last is Krazy, his name speaks the truth. Well known for the cause of the KRAZYKKOOKIE incident and his famous ghost train the `` Krazy Train `` which apperently has no breaks, this statement is backed up by krazy yelling `` THERE'S NO BREAKS ON THE KRAZY TRAIN``. Krazy also known as KrazyKKOOKIE,  K.K.K and many other things is a man of not his word, while giving empty promises and just being a lazy fuck he has failed to deliver more times then anyone else, all tho he does still deliver (rarely). Some of his other persona`s consist of ( PVT. Bromeriz III, Sargent Bromeriz I, Krazy K Kookie, Gandalf the gay wizard etc. The things he contributed to the ``WORLD`` are things such as BULLSHIT, WTF`S, and random SHIT BURSTS.

Recent ActivityEdit

Me (Pvt. Killgore) And Sargent Zero went back in time to a club to get electroma. I blew up but I'm ok now

  1. Drugs #Explosion #This fucking hashtagging bullshit is for swaggets
  2. Bromierez was alive after presumed dead for being a lazy fat ass but hes ok now
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    Your experience if your a quanty freakazoid

  3. Killgore saves baby boo boo boys who fell asleep at the wheel cuz they were too tired
  4. Bromierez won the war of the fanboys by making them all suicidal. FATASS POWERS GO!!!!

2014. The return of the Quantlords.Edit

  1. Fan fictions for days.
  2. Even more Phantom menaces and Jar Jar Binks
  3. Fourbros died.
  4. There is an era of peace because Sgt. Zero and the crew is kickin it in Los Santos until we get drafted again
  5. Pikmin died in his sleep. He's now Pixl Trixl tristen hamiltoad who never sleeps but still does now